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Curve of the Dragon Released Worldwide

Episodic Spy Series Available Exclusively on Amazon.

Time Egg has entered the spy thriller business.

Starting in February, the studio is launching Curve of the Dragon, a sweeping spy thriller that will be released episodically via short novels over the coming months. The series follows Will Taylor as he searches for his missing sister, a war-hero who has been taken by the shadowy organization Fractal. Working together with rogue CIA agent Carter Callahan, Will must infiltrate Fractal's hideout on the remote Palmyra Atoll, and find out the fate of his sister and what Fractal is really up to.

"I'm incredibly excited about launching our first original series," said Matt Stokes, President of Time Egg Studios and author of Curve of the Dragon. "I've always been a big fan of spy stories, and I'm absolutely thrilled that we've gotten the chance to make our own. If this series had parents in pop culture, they'd be James Bond and Alias, but I think we've added some bits that are uniquely ours. Curve will have all the ingredients you expect in a spy series: a twisty plot full of intrigue and excitement, exotic locations, ruthless villains, and enough surprises to keep readers on their toes until the very end."

The first episode of Curve of the Dragon, is available now, exclusively on Amazon.


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