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Time Egg is proud to announce the launch of our first episodic series: Curve of the Dragon. A big, sweeping spy thriller, Curve follows in the footsteps of exciting series like James Bond, Alias, and Mission: Impossible.

Expect intrigue, danger, and excitement full of exotic locations and ruthless villains as

Will sets out to find his missing sister. 

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Curve of the Dragon is a riveting new spy series inspired by the likes of James Bond, Mission: Impossible, and JJ Abrams' Alias. Fans of espionage action and fast-paced thrillers will be right at home.

Episodic in nature, this group of four books works together much like the episodes of a television show. Each book has its own story, but together they tell a larger, serialized adventure.


Will Taylor is desperate to find his missing sister Laura, a Navy SEAL who vanished under mysterious circumstances over a year ago. His search has hit brick wall after brick wall, always ending with the same answer: no one knows where his sister is, and by now she's probably dead.

But one night, Will is contacted by a rogue CIA officer named Carter who knows all about his sister, including things Will has never heard before. Laura was secretly a member of the CIA, part of a special division that deals with some of the most dangerous problems in the world.


Laura was a spy. And she's still alive


But she's been abducted by Fractal: a secretive criminal organization that uses brainwashed foot soldiers to attack targets around the globe. Carter has followed Laura's trail to Fractal's hidden base on the remote Palmyra Atoll, but he can't go after her alone. Fractal has people everywhere, so he's not even sure who to trust anymore. 

So he wants Will to come with him.

Together, Will and Carter set off on a rescue mission to find Laura and bring her home, but they'll have to journey into the very heart of Fractal to do it. And Fractal's latest plan is already in motion, a plot so sinister that it could shift the global balance of power forever.



Grab your copy today!

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